Changing the Conversation: America’s Gun Violence Epidemic

Looking down the barrel at Public Health Prevention, one community at a time – Part 3 of 3 in the series

Gun violence is generally discussed in terms of urban homicides, yet startling statistics tell another story. Changing the Conversation reframes discussion of America’s gun violence epidemic by shifting from singularly Second Amendment rights to a broader focus of public health prevention. Engage in a radically logical approach to restructure how we think, speak and act on gun violence through three distinct lenses. Hear from lawmakers and activists, urban musicians united for change, and a quiet town searching for answers after a domestic murder-suicide. Featuring experts from the field of public health and a shocking back-room interview with a state senator, Changing the Conversation asks – not can we change the status quo on gun violence, but will we?

Director: Janet Fitch Co-Director: Lajwanti Waghray Producer: Blyth Renate Meier  Editor: Tate Bunker  Executive Director: Janet Fitch  Videography: Tate Bunker, Mark Escribano, Peter May, Lia Sader, Lajwanti Waghray Sreenwriters: Janet, Tate, Blyth and Laj


The film is available for private use as well as licensed versions for educational and community use. Changing the Conversation is extremely successful at diverse academic, public health,  faith-based, community and social justice events. It is also designed to assist in facilitating conferences on Violence Prevention and topics related to community – including race, class and gender.

Purchasing & Using Changing the Conversation: America’s Gun Violence Epidemic
Community, public health, student-centered, faith-based, grassroots organizations screen Changing the Conversation to create a dialogue around the issues presented in the film or to actively draw attention to gun violence in their communities.  pricing


Guns, Grief and Grace curriculum-based Education/Community DVD packages

Changing the Conversation: America’s Gun Violence is recommended for use in High School – University classrooms and Leadership Programs, as well as diverse Adult Audiences.

Feature documentary film TRT 88 minutes. Due to the high usage of the first 2 films in diverse educational, leadership and community settings, Changing the Conversation: America’s Gun Violence Epidemic is intentionally designed in 3 segments. Viewers can pick and choose these segments in urban, small town and legislative settings – plus introduction/conclusion for optimal group discussion around categories addressing the many ways this complex issue plays out in diverse populations in every state. Viewers learn that we are all in this together –  and that reframing gun violence to a Public Health Focus on Prevention brings us into a commonality which makes solutions possible.

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