The Promise of America

Rich archival footage of bold, public action reveals a legacy of American activism, while it parallels an intimate experience of the inaugural Million Mom March for sensible gun laws – Part 2 of 3 in the series

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The Promise of America: On historic Mother’s Day 2000, a generationally, racially and ethnically diverse crowd of 820,000 came together from across the United States and the World. Participants’ personal motivations to attend the event are explored, along with barriers overcome to do so and responses to the experience. A range of respected professionals examines the ethical, medical and international ramifications of gun violence.  Hope for an America true to its promise emerges as historians Gerda Lerner and Amy Swerdlow offer an analysis of the March on a framework of other historic movements; rich archival footage interweaves and visually supports their accounts. At this critical point in history, when the topic of civic engagement as a response to violence is present in the minds of the United States and the world, The Promise of America offers a reminder of the power and obligation individuals possess to participate in the process of social change.

Cameo statements from celebrities such as: Susan Sarandon, Marian Wright Edelman, Debbie Allen, Rabbi Eric Yoffie and Dr. Antonia Novello bring popular contemporary voices to the discourse.

Director: Janet Fitch Co-Director: Brad Pruitt Producer: Janet Fitch Editor: Peter May Executive Director: Janet Fitch Screenwriters: Janet Fitch, Deidre Martin, Peter May, Brad Pruitt Videography: Tess Gallun, Peter May

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The film is available for private use as well as licensed versions for educational and community use. Service Learning & Leadership Training courses often choose this film to create a dialogue around the issues presented in the film or to actively draw attention to gun violence in their communities. Pricing

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The Promise of America is recommended for use in High School – University Classrooms and Leadership Programs. Women’s Studies and diverse organizations use the documentary in a broad range of activities.

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