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YEAR END REPORT – NOW is the Time for Change

Through all the darkness, our nation is finally at a turning-point. The light expands as people everywhere are becoming aware that there are things we can and must do to bring this American gun violence epidemic under control.

Our goal is to help Americans find their voice on this currently divisive issue by focusing on public health and prevention. At this critical moment, education on the possibility of prevention is needed more than ever.

When people ask me what they can do to help bring about change, I am most grateful to offer the 3 films of the series as tools to assist countless audiences to take their next individual and collective step, whatever that may be. We all need to shift in some way.

When discussions are reframed from the current ongoing argument of “gun rights vs gun control” to a non-polarized look at prevention, audiences are able to respond at the heart of the issue, with a sense of common purpose. This is why the films continue to spark conversations that shift the way we think, act and speak about gun violence.

SEE OUR WEBSITE for detailed information on the samples of engagement and leadership training events with education from middle school through university, public health advocates, law enforcement, prisons, faith and peace groups, women’s studies and community groups, etc. Also check out our recent PRESS COVERAGE

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Critical Thinking for Emerging Leaders

We’ve worked successfully with younger students for years, and now, a broad range of universities and special projects are also utilizing the films of the series as tools to enhance critical thinking on violence prevention.

Medical College of WI – Health Policy course for PhD students
Alverno College, Research Center for Women and Girls – Grand Opening
Carroll University – Health Policy Introductory Course
Mount Mary University – Foley-Pohlman Diversity Lecture
Cardinal Stritch University, School of Urban Education – Series films provide a full module in Urban Teacher Certification Program
Marquette University, Physician’s Assistant Program – Curriculum
Cardinal Stritch University, Doctoral Leadership Department – Half day seminar for 100 education, business, health and nonprofit sector PhD candidates
Violence Prevention Initiative of the Medical College of WI – Citywide Youth Violence Prevention Conference
National Women’s Studies Association Conference (NWSA) Invited Workshop

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2013 Community Engagement Launch

January, 20 – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday – All Peoples Church and a broad faith community partnership will host a screening and workshop based on The Promise of America

February, 2 – Women & Religion Winter Conference: “There is Something About the Women: the Art of Activism.” Invited workshop featuring Dear Rita

February, 2013 Zilber School of Public Health at the University of WI – Milwaukee will host a screening and workshop initiated and planned by graduate students based on Changing the Conversation: America’s Gun Violence Epidemic

At this Critical Time, We Need Your Help!

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Resources remain our greatest challenge. For some time now, because of an intense sense of commitment, we’ve carried on with the barest minimum of funding. This is not sustainable, and clearly, we could accomplish so much more with adequate resources.

For all of you who’ve already supported us – we couldn’t have done it without you! Now, we rely again on your desire for change and your willingness to assist in maximizing the potential of the models of engagement you’ve helped to create. These tools for change need to be marketed nationally. We have a timely offer and opportunity at hand to to help us do that; but first, we need to raise the funds.


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