Medical & Public Health

Myriad public health venues use the films to expand critical and creative thinking on preventing violence

Children’s Safety Network of the Marshfield Clinic – A 2-day statewide conference organized by New Moon Productions  gathered at this internationally known clinic, located in central rural Wisconsin. The goal: to re-frame discussions of community gun violence from “Gun Rights vs Gun Control” to a far less polarized focus of Public Health prevention . Participants, including medical professionals, activists, members of the faith community and law enforcement, returned to their home communities with the tools and fresh perspectives, to do just that. (This meaningful event serves as a model for partnerships, including the Presbyterian church that appears in the final film of the series: the Pastor invited us back to Marshfield to try again to broaden discussion, following a horrific domestic violence murder/suicide.)

Youth Violence Prevention Initiative of the Medical College of WI hosts Bridging the Divide: Evidence Based Programming and Pragmatic Solutions to Violence Prevention for a multitude of community partners from throughout urban Milwaukee. Clips and Segments from the series tie topics, speakers, performers and panels together and take participants deeply into authentic experiences.

Medical College of WI Student Groups Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Emergency Medicine Interest Group – host Partners in Prevention to initiate the Gun Violence Awareness Fund of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. An energetic, multi-disciplinary group representing health care, education, law enforcement and the arts gathered to screen clips and discuss ways to generate positive change in our communities. Partners from this endeavor expressed interest in traveling with us to diverse areas of Wisconsin, to expand the frame on gun violence from a purely 2nd Amendment issue to one of Public Health, affecting all communities in the state.

Medical College of WI Health Policy Class – PhD Students view and discuss Changing the Conversation with filmmaker in terms of policy.

Marquette University Physician Assistant Program –  students view and discuss Changing the Conversation and relevant research with filmmaker.

Milwaukee Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault –  group of experts and community leaders appointed to address the issues of family violence, sexual assault, and child abuse view Changing the Conversation. Commission members work cooperatively with area agencies and institutions, the media, and government.

Carroll University Health Policy Class – undergraduate students view Changing the Conversation followed by lively discussion and planning.

Violence Prevention Initiative of the Medical College of WI – filmmaker invited to serve as member of Steering Committee.