Restorative Justice

The voices of people in prison offer realistic alternatives to current health, education and public policy shortcomings

WI Dept. of Corrections Restorative Justice –  statewide programs use the films and often request the filmmakers and community members to discuss them with prison populations ranging from youth to adult. The men and women unfailingly engage in serious, thoughtful discussion of the films and topic. Hearing these firsthand perspectives on gun violence  – especially those of  juvenile offenders – contributes greatly to expanding our worldview on this topic.

State Reformatory in Green Bay – worked with New Moon Productions to be allowed to tape a “film circle” with this adult, maximum security population – recording stories and strategies on ways to avoid youth crime and prosecution.

St. Charles Home for Boys –  high school teens watch Dear Rita and, in a second session – they watch the above session recorded at Green Bay. Next, they interview each other and work in small teams to make their own short, poignant films on their lives, hopes and dreams.