An American Problem – Affecting All

It’s been 15 years since our national wake-up call at Columbine High School, and the follow-up Million Mom March for Sensible Gun Laws. This was when I began to grasp the breadth of gun violence in the United States. Today, the resilience and spread of this epidemic becomes clearer with each passing day.

From the beginning, we at the Guns, Grief & Grace in America Documentary Project decided we would strive to tell the broader story, through the lens of Public Health and Prevention. Perspectives on race, class and gender in urban, suburban, small town and rural geographies permeate the film series and enable productive civil dialogue to encourage a broader, more inclusive, view on our American tragedy.

In 2014, we are honored and inspired by the educators, faith groups, community organizations and individuals throughout the country who earnestly use our films as tools to create fresh, constructive conversations that rise above political polarization – to the heart of the dilemma.

Supporters like You make all of this possible. Thank you for all you’ve already done to allow us to continue this meaningful work. We ask you to please continue, or begin now, supporting us. Every contribution, small or large, matters immensely.

Janet Fitch, Director


Denver, CO

First Universalist Church of Denver: hosted a community “Day of Action” on Gun Violence Prevention, featuring Changing the Conversation with filmmaker, Janet Fitch, leading a panel discussion that included representatives of Colorado Ceasefire, Everytown USA for Gun Safety, Faith Based Coalition for Gun Safety, and people who have been directly affected by gun violence. This event was the catalyst for meaningful action throughout the area, which continues to move forward in responding to gun violence and expanding the conversation. SEE PHOTOS

In June, 2015 – we’ve been selected to present a workshop together, modeling this type of synergy in Portland, Oregon at the UU General Assembly.

Winston-Salem, N.C.

The Wake Forest School of Medicine’s Translational Science Institute sponsored a Summer Film Series as part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness on gun violence. Changing the Conversation: America’s Gun Violence Epidemic opened the 3-part series, with attending experts in Youth, Community & Family Health and Suicide Prevention.

Milwaukee, WI

Marquette University’s Physician Assistant Program again invited Janet to join students. The program’s innovative curriculum includes the film, Changing the Conversation: America’s Gun Violence Epidemic to highlight prevention in urban, suburban, small town and rural areas. Solution-seeking discussion with enthusiastic students, who will someday serve a wide range of communities across the U.S, is inspirational on many levels.

Our collaboration with the Zeidler Center for Public Discussion brought people together with diverse beliefs around guns. The structured, safe atmosphere increased understanding, sensitivity and mutual respect for one another, rather than trying to reach consensus. Zeidler has committed to hold annual discussions on the topic!
Listen to WUWM Interview

Carroll University Open, inquisitive, entry Public Health students stepped up to share their personal responses to gun violence, following Janet’s guest lecture and film clips. Critical thinking on all sides and future projects often emerge from initial interactions like this one.

Last, but very importantly

We want to express deep thanks to our team of academic and community advisers for their robust visioning process for an updated and expanded toolkit. Once completed, and marketed, this resource will greatly expand our reach and also make hosting constructive conversations more inclusive by sharing other meaningful work and projects.

Our successful engagement experience and monitoring assures us that groups and individuals of all stripes will find this an invaluable tool as they enter the public square to bring safe, non-polarized, authentic dialogue to the forefront.

PS Your support will help complete this exciting resource for extensive, ongoing engagement!

Adequate funding makes all the difference. Your support is what propels our success. We need your assistance to continue moving forward!

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Attend upcoming events and please forward information to all who may be interested!

Information Fair, Screening and Community Conversation to be held at First Universalist Church 4101 E. Hampden, Denver (NE Corner Hampden and Colorado) July 23, 5:30-9:30pm


CTC vigil1

Changing the Conversation

Upcoming Events:

Join us and add your voice to the upcoming dialogue series about guns in our city, our state, and our nation:

Guns in our City, An Evening of Stories and Dialogue
Mar 29, 7 – 9:30 pm at The Polish Falcon Hall, 801 E. Clarke St. Milwaukee, WI

Guns in our State: A Facilitated Dialogue
Apr 1, 6 – 9:00 pm at The Body & Soul Healing Arts Center, 3617 N. 48th St. Milwaukee, WI

Guns in our Nation: A Facilitated Dialogue
Apr 10, 6 – 9:00 pm at The Body & Soul Healing Arts Center, 3617 N. 48th St. Milwaukee, WI

Admission is free but seating is limited. Sign Up Here

What are the life stories that shape us?

These facilitated dialogues will bring together people of diverse beliefs in a safe atmosphere in order to increase understanding. The series will feature an interplay of storytellers and film clips from Janet Fitch’s award-winning documentary project Guns, Grief and Grace in America. The goal is to develop sensitivity and mutual respect for one another, rather than consensus.

Please Join Us!

The events are free and advance registration is required due to limited space. Reserve your spot at or call 414 446-1502

For more information please visit and

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Sustainable Change Evolves Over Time

Today’s reality is that more than 80% of Americans want to see some form of change, regardless of personal politics.

In response to the current momentum for change, we are working with scholars from six local colleges & universities, along with citizen and faith community leaders to create a pilot program that bridges divisions in the Greater Milwaukee area. This model is intended to be replicated in diverse settings across the state and country.

MUNursingAsstStudents1aMarquette University

The Community Conversations on Gun Violence project is designed to create a safe place for people with very differing beliefs to stand together, as they listen to each other and explore their commonality to seek local solutions.

This phase of civil dialog is intended to combat the hopelessness that gun violence provokes and to empower diverse participants to explore the extent of the problem in their own community, while considering potential prevention efforts such as: local gun safety laws, public information campaigns, gun-free schools, suicide prevention efforts and countless other local initiatives.

A Timely Discussion – Part 2 – Friday, February 8

Zilber School of Public Health Graduate students host this vibrant discussion “To empower future leaders in public health around critical issues in the City of Milwaukee. Please feel free to bring business cards and hand-outs you deem appropriate. This is not only an educational forum, but a time of networking/recruiting potential leaders in the fight against gun violence.”

We are honored to lend tools and participate in this creative, student-centered approach!

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Please join our community in celebrating the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by dropping in on one or all of the events!
Janet will be hosting a screening of “The Promise of America” at 2 PM on Sunday January 20th in All Peoples Church, 2600 N. 2nd St. Milwaukee WI. 53212.

We hope to see you there!

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YEAR END REPORT  – NOW is the Time for Change

Through all the darkness, our nation is finally at a turning-point. The light expands as people everywhere are becoming aware that there are things we can and must do to bring this American gun violence epidemic under control.

Our goal is to help Americans find their voice on this currently divisive issue by focusing on public health and prevention. At this critical moment, education on the possibility of prevention is needed more than ever.

When people ask me what they can do to help bring about change, I am most grateful to offer the 3 films of the series as tools to assist countless audiences to take their next individual and collective step, whatever that may be. We all need to shift in some way.

When discussions are reframed from the current ongoing argument of “gun rights vs gun control” to a non-polarized look at prevention, audiences are able to respond at the heart of the issue, with a sense of common purpose. This is why the films continue to spark conversations that shift the way we think, act and speak about gun violence.

SEE OUR WEBSITE for detailed information on the samples of engagement and leadership training events with education from middle school through university, public health advocates, law enforcement, prisons, faith and peace groups, women’s studies and community groups, etc. Also check out our recent PRESS COVERAGE

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Critical Thinking for Emerging Leaders

We’ve worked successfully with younger students for years, and now, a broad range of universities and special projects are also utilizing the films of the series as tools to enhance critical thinking on violence prevention.

Medical College of WI – Health Policy course for PhD students
Alverno College, Research Center for Women and Girls – Grand Opening
Carroll University – Health Policy Introductory Course
Mount Mary University – Foley-Pohlman Diversity Lecture
Cardinal Stritch University, School of Urban Education – Series films provide a full module in Urban Teacher Certification Program
Marquette University, Physician’s Assistant Program – Curriculum
Cardinal Stritch University, Doctoral Leadership Department – Half day seminar for 100 education, business, health and nonprofit sector PhD candidates
Violence Prevention Initiative of the Medical College of WI – Citywide Youth Violence Prevention Conference
National Women’s Studies Association Conference (NWSA) Invited Workshop

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2013 Community Engagement Launch

January, 20 – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday – All Peoples Church and a broad faith community partnership will host a screening and workshop based on The Promise of America

February, 2 – Women & Religion Winter Conference: “There is Something About the Women: the Art of Activism.” Invited workshop featuring Dear Rita

February, 2013 Zilber School of Public Health at the University of WI – Milwaukee will host a screening and workshop initiated and planned by graduate students based on Changing the Conversation: America’s Gun Violence Epidemic

At this Critical Time, We Need Your Help!

9-29-2009_9_47_17_PMCLICK TO LEARN MORE

Resources remain our greatest challenge. For some time now, because of an intense sense of commitment, we’ve carried on with the barest minimum of funding. This is not sustainable, and clearly, we could accomplish so much more with adequate resources.

For all of you who’ve already supported us – we couldn’t have done it without you! Now, we rely again on your desire for change and your willingness to assist in maximizing the potential of the models of engagement you’ve helped to create. These tools for change need to be marketed nationally. We have a timely offer and opportunity at hand to to help us do that; but first, we need to raise the funds.


1. CONTRIBUTE securely online or by check

2. SHARE – post to FACEBOOK, TWEET about it, or FORWARD to your e-lists

3. SPEAK ABOUT GUN VIOLENCE AS A PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE, as an epidemic that can be brought under control- and consider HOSTING YOUR OWN SCREENING!


Please make it out to our Fiscal Receiver: Women Make Movies
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2649 N. Hackett, Suite 6 – Milwaukee, WI 53211

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Thanks to Coffee Makes You Black, All Well Learning Lab & the Brewers!


Coffee Makes You Black

May 2Coffee Makes You Black and All Well Learning Lab hosted a press conference to announce our national launch.

Ten speakers credited the 3 films with being useful tools in their efforts to engage a critical discussion in Milwaukee and beyond. Afterwards, we all broke bread with a fantastic meal prepared by CMYB and sponsored by Brewers Community Foundation.

Many stayed for_Changing the Conversation: America’s Gun Violence Epidemic_ and engaged in heartfelt discussion.

UP NEXT: Water Buffalo on May 16

Food, Fun & Film Clips!

Water Buffalo
249 N Water St

5 to 8 p.m.

Please Join Us!

1. Contribute

2. Share – post to Facebook, Tweet about it, forward to your e-lists – and consider possibilities to host a screening with your favorite group.

3. Speak about gun violence as a Public Health issue – and as an epidemic that can and must be brought under control.

Be Part of the Solution – it’s easy and empowering!

Why Me? Why Now?

Constant encouragement from the broad range of groups that co-create innovative engagement with the films keeps us going. At this critical moment, adequate funding is vital. Help us reach the goal of reframing gun violence to a national public health focus on prevention. We know it is possible by continuing to move forward and that – together – we can do it!

AS ALWAYS …. we want to hear your ideas to help ramp up our short campaign, please let us know!

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We will be holding a press conference at Coffee Makes You Black Wednesday May 2, 2012 to launch the National Engagement Campaign of the Guns, Grief & Grace in America documentary project. The three Milwaukee-made films provide proven, replicable models of engagement that cross boundaries among urban, suburban and rural communities with the message that We are all in this together.

The ACHIEVABLE GOAL of the Guns, Grief & Grace in America National Campaign is to activate momentum and create synergy that reframes discussion and action on gun violence to a Public Health focus on prevention.

“It is time to do this and it is wonderful to launch our campaign from this vibrant, dynamic gathering spot in the heart of the city.” says director Janet Fitch.

Agenda: May 2, 2012

Coffee Makes You Black and All-Well Learning Lab – 2803 N. Teutonia Ave


Press Conference – New Moon Productions and Milwaukee Activist Poets, Muhibb Dyer and Kwabena Nixon will speak and introduce community members and representatives of organizations with a diverse range of perspectives on Public Health Prevention.


Screening – Changing the Conversation: America’s Gun Violence Epidemic
followed by discussion


Milwaukee Film Festival Presents:


If you’ve missed this fantastic film from Kartemquin Films – don’t despair – the final festival screening is at

Marcus North Shore
Tuesday, Sept. 27
Film at 4:15-6:20
Conversation follows directly after in the Take 5 Lounge.

I’ll be facilitating discussion – and would LOVE to have all of you active, concerned community members involved in the dialog.

A good reason to leave the office for “an important meeting” … it is! Hope to see you …. Janet

Tickets are limited – phone or visit Milwaukee Film Festival

Photo of a night time vigil

Unitarian-Universalist General Assembly 2011 -Charlotte N.C.

Gun violence is generally discussed in terms of urban homicides, yet startling statistics tell another story. This film reframes the conversation of America’s gun violence epidemic by shifting the focus from Second Amendment rights to public health prevention. Engage in a radically logical approach to restructuring how we think, speak and act on gun violence.

Join Rev. Chris Buice of the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church and UU filmmaker Janet Fitch for a timely screening of the concluding film in her award-winning documentary trilogy. All 3 series’ films are effective tools to convene ecumenical civil dialog that reframes discussion of gun violence to a focus on public health and prevention.

This poignant film and insightful discussion will provide the tools you need to host a civil dialog on gun violence in YOUR community.

THURSDAY, JUNE 23 – 9:30 to 11:30 P.M.
Charlotte Convention Center RM 218 – 219
501 South College Street

Also – visit us in the EXHIBIT HALL to peruse all 3 films and get a FREE consultation to plan your event using these effective tools.

Stand Together Milwaukee Banner. The subtitle reads: "Groups, organizations and individuals standing together to confront gun violence in Milwaukee as a Public Health issue."

Violence Prevention Initiative of the Medical College of WI: Conference on Youth Violence Prevention in Milwaukee

Bridging the Divide: Evidence Based Programming and Pragmatic Solutions to Violence Prevention

Thursday, June 16 – 8:30am – 3:00pm Radisson Milw. North Shore  Milwaukee 53217

Conference Objectives: Provide a dynamic and interactive forum to network among local practitioners working in violence prevention and intervention. Facilitate learning opportunities about the effectiveness of evidence-based best practices. Build the capacity and skills of communities working with violence prevention with youth and families.

Keynote speaker: Frank Perez, Director CeaseFire National Partnership, CeaseFire Chicago

Local Speakers on youth violence and domestic violence:
Allyn Swan, MDiv, MAR
Carmen Pitre, Co-Director, Sojourner Family Peace Center

Panel of local youth and community partnership team members working with youth

Breakout sessions include:
Motivational interviewing
Presentation by District Attorney’s Offices on Community Prosecution
Presentation by Project Ujima from the perspective of victims and families

Artistic Engagement:
Featured youth performances and presentations
Film clips & segment from the Guns, Grace and Grief in America Documentary Series, provided by New Moon Productions

Registration is required: Youth ages 12 and older are encouraged to register. Space is limited for the conference. Please register early!
How to register:

Online registration at VPI website:
RSVP directly to Anthony Caples at (414) 955-2693 or