**Our April 24th outing will coincide with Earth Day Acitivities.
We will initiate “Scooter’s Garden of Hope” across the street from Oliver Wendel Holmes School
10 a.m. 2462 N. Buffum.
Lunch will be supplied by Whole Foods!**

Do you have a shovels, rakes, hoes, or a green thumb, or know someone who does?

We are officially starting Scooter’s Garden of Hope with the dedicated help of students from O.W. Holmes, and coordinated efforts of Sweet Water Organics, Victory Garden Initiative, Whole Foods Market, and the Milwaukee Urban Garden.

We are forming a Garden Club Committee made up of Scooter Foundation volunteers. The committee will manage care of the garden, working with the school kids to sustain it. We will create compost, and grow delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables. We will be using compose and worns donated by Sweetwater Organics.

Please put the word out if you know anyone who enjoys gardening, and do remind them it’s for a great cause, the kids and the neighborhood! We are looking for donations of plants, seeds, lumber, and sheet cardboard for spring ground cover.

As you can imagine, we need help. Please e-mail me here, or call Nalissa at 262-224-9575.


Stand Together Milwaukee

VISION: Restore a sense of healthy community through collaborative action
MISSION: Groups, organizations and individuals standing together to confront gun violence in Milwaukee as a Public Health issue
ACTION GROUPS: Communication, Media, Outreach, and Policy

Stand-Up Initiatives

  • Coordinate, highlight and promote existing efforts towards a healthier community
  • Initiate an interactive Community Engagement Campaign
  • Challenge mainstream and alternative media to reframe gun violence as a Public Health issue, affecting all citizens
  • Create, promote and implement effective solutions to reduce violence and restore a sense of healthy community in the four-county area

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