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Award-winning Education Packages for Dear Rita and The Promise of America include: a one hour documentary, 35 minute classroom version of the film and unique classroom video discussion clips ranging from 3 to 12 minutes. Discussion clip categories address: Justice, Death and Loss, Emotions, Media, Women’s History, Activism, Suicide and Domestic Violence.

Due to the high usage of the first 2 films in diverse educational, leadership and community settings, the 87 minute Changing the Conversation: America’s Gun Violence Epidemic is intentionally designed in 3 segments. Viewers can pick and choose these segments in urban, small town and legislative settings – plus introduction/conclusion for optimal group discussion around categories addressing the many ways this complex issue plays out in diverse populations in every state. Viewers learn that we are all in this together –  and that reframing gun violence to a Public Health Focus on Prevention brings us into a commonality which makes solutions possible.

All videos in these packages are publicly licensed.*

The films are useful and important tools to aid understanding and promote critical thinking and discussion around the complex impact of gun violence on today’s youth.  35 minute version and discussion clips are useful to spark and guide dialog as students express their personal responses, thoughts and ideas about the issues and stories presented in the media. Pricing

The films compliment classroom curriculum across most areas including history, health, politics, psychology, debate, art, writing, religion and policy classes. Teachers report that the films are useful in a variety of settings, a few examples being: Small Group Activities, Counseling Groups, Art Therapy Groups and All School Assemblies. Ideally, a large assembly would watch the full length film, followed by a speaker, panel or other cross-curricular  discussion. Next, individual classes would watch and discuss the 35 minute classroom versions – beginning a more intimate discussion. Finally, the classroom discussion clips speak, in voices that are now very familiar to the students, to the heart of issues presented  – the clips are excellent tools to unlock a far deeper and more honest discussion. We’ve heard often of students requesting to watch the films and clips over and again.

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*Licensing Fees – What are these and why are they important?

The classroom package DVDs  are licensed for all venues whether they be educational or community events.  Your Licensed DVD comes with a certificate of ownership and is marked for public viewing – if you are hosting a group screening of any sort, you must purchase this license. We believe our pricing for this licensed package is reasonable and affordable as we understand the financial constraints many educational institutions face.  The higher price of this public license allows you to have any size audience, and to accept “Donations” (although you may not require a fee for admission). It also helps to defray the costs of the films and eventually, we hope will make this a self-sustaining project that continues on living room to living room, until a critical mass is reached to Change the Conversation on gun violence.

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