Group Screenings

Education & Community Engagement awards honor the hundreds of events in cozy living rooms, huge theaters, churches – mosques – synagogs, classrooms – that bring diverse audiences into solution-focused discussion

In the past decade, the field of documentary film has grown enormously in its dedication to envisioning films that will be used as ongoing, relevant tools to assist people and groups interested in the topic. The films are designed to be screened in a wide range of venues and formats by diverse audiences who wish to host a non-polarized screening discussion.

From the very beginning the use of these films as tools to encourage critical thinking on gun violence – as well as any other polarized societal topic.

Our most frequent uses are communities of faith, youth and leadership training groups, public health and policy discussions, women’s groups, peace organizations, law enforcement & restorative justice.

Please review some of the richly diverse models of engagement that a variety of of groups and organizations deem highly successful – consider replicating any of these to tailor make an event that fits your needs. These examples demonstrate a wide variety of purposes, sizes, formats and venues for successful screenings.

Frequently Asked Questions

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