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Changing the Conversation - Screening Tool Kit

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We Want to Assist You in Creating a Successful Event

This screening tool kit will assist you in putting together your best and most productive event.  Our goal is to offer a comprehensive and complete guide for you to consider as you plan your event. We hope you will want to emphasize Public Health Prevention as a viable framework to find solutions in every geographic area of the United States. In the end, you will create your own engagement activity that speaks directly to your community. Afterwards, we want to hear from you – to synthesize your new knowledge of civil dialog, outreach and community education on this seemingly unsolvable problem. Together, we will continue to increase the awareness of Americans from coast to coast that we are all in this together – and – like any other problem we’ve faced in our history, there are solutions.

After  reviewing  the toolkit,  please check out our examples of successful engagement and please call right away for your FREE 15 minute consultation with Janet Fitch, Director with any and all questions.