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Some Reliable Facts & Sources on Gun Violence in the United States

Before a child in the U.S. reaches 15,

when compared to a child in the rest of the industrialized world, he or she is:

5 times more likely to be murdered,

Twice as likely to commit suicide,

12 times more likely to die a gun related death.

Harvard Injury Control Research Center, Matthew Miller: Journal of Trauma, February 2002


Sources to Begin Your Research

Gun Policy. org

Million Mom March for Sensible Gun Laws

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Bloomberg School of Public Health



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Financial Costs

  • The Annual Bill To The Nation Annual costs of gun violence in the US have been estimated at between $100 billion and $126 billion. (Source: Miller and Cohen, passim. )

Everyone’s Problem

  • In 2002, 30,242 people were killed by guns in America — 83 people a day — including 17,108 suicides; 11,829 homicides; and 762 unintentional or accidental shootings. (Source: CDC, NCIPC, Web-based Injury Statistics Query Reporting System, 2002)
  • Firearms are the second-leading cause of death (after motor vehicle accidents) for young people 19 and under in the U.S. (Source: WISQARS, Leading Causes of Death and Injury Mortality Reports Database, National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control)
  • Each year from 1993 to 1997, gun murders were committed by 1,621 killers under the age of 18.
    (Source: Supplemental Homicide Data from the FBI)
  • “The firearm injury epidemic, due largely to handgun injuries, is 10 times larger than the polio epidemic of the first half of this century.” (Source: Christoffel, Katherine Kaufer, “Handguns and the Environments of Children”, Children’s Environments, 12(1), 1995, p. 42)
  • More children and young adults die from suicide each year than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, and chronic lung disease combined. (Source: U.S. Congress)

Women & Firearms

  • In 1998, women were 101 times more likely to be murdered with a handgun than to use a handgun to kill in self-defense. Women were 302 times more likely to be murdered with a handgun than to use a handgun to kill a stranger in self-defense. Women were 83 times more likely to be murdered by an intimate acquaintance with a handgun than to kill an intimate acquaintance in self-defense. (Source: Violence Policy Center, A Deadly Myth: Women, Handguns, and Self-Defense. Washington, D.C., 2001, 2-3)

Suicide & Firearms

  • In 2001, gun-related completed suicides accounted for 6,869 (57%) of all gun related deaths in the U. S.: that’s 46 lives every day that are lost to gun violence. (Source: National Vital Statistics Report, Vol. 52, No. 3, National Center for Health Statistics(NCHS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), September 25, 2003)
  • A gun in the home is 11 times more likely to be used in an attempted suicide than to be used to injure or kill in self-defense. (Source: Kellermann AL,Injuries and Deaths due to Firearms in the Home, Journal of Trauma, 1998; 45(2):263-67)