MCW Youth Violence Prevention Initiative announces a

This spring, the MCW Youth Violence Prevention Initiative(VPI) will issue a Call for Partnerships (CFP). Applications are encouraged from partnership teams throughout Wisconsin representing Milwaukee communities and diverse stakeholders.

Interested groups will receive funding to work collaboratively with MCW and the VPI team to:
· implement violence prevention programs for youth ages 0-11 years;
· develop leadership capacity to prevent violence among youth ages 12-17 years;
· build and strengthen community capacity and resources to prevent youth violence.

The VPI partnership model is based on the premise that partnerships will capitalize on the strengths and unique skills of community organizations and faculty and staff of MCW in order to address a community priority.

Who Can Apply?
Eligible community partners are broadly defined to be inclusive of Wisconsin-based organizations. Multi-sector partnerships and multiple partners are encouraged and expected. Individuals may not apply, but are encouraged to participate. Eligible community partners are Wisconsin-based, non-profit, and government organizations. At least one partner must have 501(c)3 status.

Tentative Timeline
CFP Announcement: May 2010
CFP guidelines released: Late Spring 2010
CFP Informational Sessions: Late Spring 2010
Selection Panel conducts review process: Summer 2010
Community Partnership Teams announced: Summer 2010

Successful applicants will:
Demonstrate a capacity for partnership by:
· demonstrating experience with collaboration, partnership, and shared leadership toward common goals
· showing evidence of community commitment, ownership, and broad-based participation from diverse stakeholders and leadership

Demonstrate a knowledge of community needs and assets related to youth violence prevention by:
· proposing a program focused on an area of Milwaukee with high rates of youth violence and other community needs
· having an awareness of community assets that can be leveraged to reduce youth violence

Demonstrate a capacity to carry out effective youth violence prevention programs by:
· demonstrating a clear understanding of factors contributing to youth violence in Milwaukee with specific examples and measures for success
· understanding the role of parents, family, schools, and the broader community in youth violence prevention efforts
· showing potential for the project to be disseminated and replicated in other communities

Get involved:
· Subscribe to our community listserve (vpi@mcw.edu) to receive updates on VPI activities and opportunities
· Sign up to receive our bi-monthly newsletter
· Watch for opportunities to participate in community sessions, conversations, or meetings designed to help reduce youth violence in your area

Individuals, organizations, and businesses looking for more information should contact:
David Seal, PhD
VPI Senior Faculty Coordinator
Medical College of Wisconsin
Phone: (414) 955-7750
Email: dseal@mcw.edu


VPI Staff:
Sarah Di Padova, Suzette Svoboda-Newman, and May yer Thao
MCW Youth Violence Prevention Initiative
1801 N. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53212
Phone: (414) 955-2699
Fax: (414) 955-0114
Email: vpi@mcw.edu
Web: www.mcw.edu/vpi.htm

An MCW Consortium on Public and Community Health initiative funded by the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program.

Medical College of Wisconsin Consortium
Youth Violence Prevention Initiative
1801 N. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53212
Phone: (414) 955-2699
Fax: (414) 955-0114
Email: vpi@mcw.edu
Web: www.mcw.edu/vpi.htm


Stand Together Milwaukee

VISION: Restore a sense of healthy community through collaborative action
MISSION: Groups, organizations and individuals standing together to confront gun violence in Milwaukee as a Public Health issue
ACTION GROUPS: Communication, Media, Outreach, and Policy

Stand-Up Initiatives

  • Coordinate, highlight and promote existing efforts towards a healthier community
  • Initiate an interactive Community Engagement Campaign
  • Challenge mainstream and alternative media to reframe gun violence as a Public Health issue, affecting all citizens
  • Create, promote and implement effective solutions to reduce violence and restore a sense of healthy community in the four-county area

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