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The MCW Consortium on Public and Community Health Youth Violence Prevention Initiative seeks a VPI Community Director who will work closely with the VPI faculty, staff and community partners to fulfill the VPI’s mission. The VPI Community Director will provide leadership for the MCW Youth Violence Prevention Initiative and work collaboratively with the selected community sites, the Associate Dean for Public and Community Health and the MCW Faculty Coordinators to accomplish the following responsibilities:

  • Promote the VPI to key leaders in communities with an emphasis on a strength-based model of community involvement.
  • Provide leadership for informing the community of the goals and objectives of the VPI, implementing the program model and evaluation plan, and enhancing community-wide presence of the VPI.
  • Lead the staff in the assurance of project performance, effective and appropriate community outreach, partnership facilitation, evaluation of the implementation plans and project effectiveness.
  • Work with the selected community partners and MCW faculty to lead the VPI implementation process.
  • Facilitate the accomplishment of the VPI’s goals, and supervise all programmatic activities related to accomplishing these goals.
  • Manage the process for establishing and implementing six-month and annual VPI milestones.
  • Manage networking and communication with community partners, MCW faculty and all entities interacting with the VPI.
  • Assist in the ongoing effort to recruit new stakeholders whose talents, commitment and contacts are complimentary to the needs and mission of the VPI and its community partners.
  • Coordinate and participate in meetings, providing appropriate programmatic and fiscal reports, and recommend appropriate program policies and procedures. Each applicant for the VPI Community Director position is asked to respond to five questions in addition to submitting their resume and completing the online application.

The prescreening questions include:

  1. Describe how you would work most effectively to accomplish the Violence Prevention Initiative priorities with its community partners.
  2. What challenges can you foresee in implementing the program priorities over the next five years, and how would you work to address those challenges?
    1. Describe the strengths that you would bring to the position of community director; please document those strengths with examples from your professional experience.
    2. Describe your experience with community-academic partnerships. From your experience, what are key elements of successful partnerships?
  3. If you are hired, what will you do in the first year to ensure the program is successful?

The VPI Community Director position is available at the following link:

The VPI Community Director is a position of MCW. MCW is committed to identifying and recruiting a broad and diverse pool of qualified candidates for this position. Additional resources can be found on the VPI website: www.mcw.edu/vpi.htm.

Applications are due by May 15, 2010.

Please forward this information to anyone who may be interested.

Thank you,
VPI Staff

Medical College of Wisconsin Consortium
Youth Violence Prevention Initiative
1801 N. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53212
Phone: (414) 955-2699
Fax: (414) 955-0114
Email: vpi@mcw.edu
Web: www.mcw.edu/vpi.htm


Stand Together Milwaukee

VISION: Restore a sense of healthy community through collaborative action
MISSION: Groups, organizations and individuals standing together to confront gun violence in Milwaukee as a Public Health issue
ACTION GROUPS: Communication, Media, Outreach, and Policy

Stand-Up Initiatives

  • Coordinate, highlight and promote existing efforts towards a healthier community
  • Initiate an interactive Community Engagement Campaign
  • Challenge mainstream and alternative media to reframe gun violence as a Public Health issue, affecting all citizens
  • Create, promote and implement effective solutions to reduce violence and restore a sense of healthy community in the four-county area

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